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Story of the Waratah

As a school our key purpose is to nurture the growth and development of a very precious gift, your child. Nurturing and growth are natural organic processes.

The school emblem, the Waratah, is the perfect symbol for our school. The Aboriginal meaning of the word Waratah is something beautiful that stands out from afar. Certainly the bright red dome of the flower is one of the most beautiful discoveries of the Australian bush. When we stand close to this flower, however we realise that it is really something quite unique.

The bright red dome is actually not one flower. It is a circular collection of many small flowers sharing one stem. The older flowers are positioned on the outside protecting the younger flowers that grow up from within their circle. Folding up around these flowers are a group of large red leaves that are known as bracts. As well as being quite beautiful these leaves also perform a very special function. They protect the flowers by holding them together, just as you might hold your hands around something small and precious.

Like the Waratah, Hurstville South School is one place that nurtures many children, within the support of a caring group of parents and teachers.